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Here you can find the newest update and the Phantom Drive manual.

Version: Language: DE/EN Size: 32Bit: 15,5 MB | 64Bit: 16,2 MB

System requirements

Windows 7, all versions
Windows VISTA, all versions
Windows XP, all versions
Windows Server 2003 and 2008

From all operating systems, both the 32 bit and 64 bit version is supported.

Release notes


Problems with Nero 10 compatibility eliminated.

Problems when burning sound files using Windows Media Player in Windows 7 fixed.

Rare emulation problems corrected.


Burning ISOs on x64 systems is now working correctly.


Windows 7 compatibility.


The Phantom Creator now remembers the last media format created. On starting, the Phantom Creator automatically loads the last format used.

For rewritable media, the option Always create image files in full size is always activated and can no longer be switched off, since write operations can address any location on rewritable media.

Blu-ray discs created in BDMV format were sometimes not playable.

Compatibility problems with recordable HD media have been fixed.

CD-Text problem using CD-RW fixed.


Initial release