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Convert VC10 file into ISO file

How do I convert a VC10 file into an ISO file, where "create an ISO image" was selected during generation?


Create an ISO image

The option "create an ISO image" already creates an ISO image if possible, i.e. the source has to be ISO conform. Audio CDs for instance are not ISO conforn and thus it makes no sense to create an ISO image as you won't be able to read it.
The KB article below will help if you created a virtual CD by mistake instead:

Is it possible to convert a virtual CD (back) to ISO?


Thanks, is it possible to create an ISO file when generating blank media?

The hope is to then use Virtual CD's created ISO file to pass this blank ISO onto a system without the Virtual CD software installed, to be written to.

(No removable media writing/disc writing available on that system, but the particular use case, Windows Image Backup, requires as much)

Virtual blank ISO image

You can create a virtual blank ISO image by using the blank media wizard:
However I'm not sure if you will be able to burn to this ISO image without Virtual CD installed. Just give it a try.

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